Find Out 3 Things-to-Know about Capella Singapore

Located in Sentosa Island, Capella Singapore provides us with luxury buildings as well as services. This six-star hotel has stunning villas and a courtyard garden in the center. Experience its panoramic beauty and convenient staycation in this place.

Settled in a 12-hectare area, it features historic colonial buildings. The official opening was in March 2009. Here are three things we should know about this accommodation. 

Historical Building

If we see its architecture building, there is a touch of historical heritage on it. It was two colonial buildings restored into this luxury resort. The restoration project keeps its natural contours. 

The architecture was Foster and Partners’ firm that collaborated with DP Architects. Capella Singapore combines two buildings of the Tanah Merah military. The buildings are transformed into a new spot for accommodation, villas, and event spaces. 

This colonial building was originally built in the 1880s and fused to accommodate the British Royal Artillery, including their families. The blocks were used as the Officer's Mess and barracks. Then, it got the conservation status in August 2000. 

After the restoration, we view its transformation into a modern and luxury resort. Located in a lush landscape exposes a rare experience. Moreover, the building is surrounded by the beautiful environment at the heart of Sentosa Island. 

Staycation Programs

Capella Singapore offers multiple programs to make our staycation memorable. Yet, there is an essential thing we should know before deciding to stay here. It is mandatory to follow health and safety measures to keep its highest hygiene standard. 

The Capella Culturist team creates some programs for guests to enjoy moments of delight. It allows guests to have a unique experience during their stay. This program enriches us with cultural learning and knowledge. 

Select one or more staycation programs to spend with our loved ones. The activities in Capella Singapore include arts, culinary, wellness, and many others. All are specially tailored for us to discover Singapore's heritage. 

The beauty of the South China Sea nearby can inspire us to do creative activities like a Floral Styling Workshop. Besides, we can learn to wrap Singapore traditional cuisines in Cassia Restaurant.

Personal Touch

The service of this resort can swoon each guest. It allows us to get a personal service that can win our hearts. It provides us not only with the beauty of its environment but also with maintaining clients' privacy.

Capella Resort assigned a Personal Assistant to each guest. This person will contact us before arrival and will help us if we need anything during our stay. 

Additionally, this personal assistant can help to fashion our stay. All staff, including our assistant, are friendly and helpful. They will respond quickly to each of our inquiries.

The staff service is professional and excellent. They are skilled and will serve us warmly. Moreover, the assistant will serve us 24/7 and ensure our vacation is memorable. 

We will be happy because of the genuine and caring services. Therefore, Capella Singapore is the best choice to accommodate our staycation with family.

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